Tuesday, August 9, 2016

2000 MENGHAI TUO CHA (100g) "Red Ribbon" Sheng~Puerh

Sometimes I think live is to short to drink cheap tea. It doesn't apply to tea you just see. I found this beautiful "Tuo" in amazing shop here in Taiwan where it was stored for many years in relatively dry and very clean conditions. I took one as a sample. If it would suits to me I would get more for enjoying and possible long term aging.

My only bad impression was about partly eaten wrapper by bug. Always when I see this it reminds me my grandfather. If here was bug in some of his apples, he use to point on it and sad "the worms know what is the best, they would not chose bad or chemically treated apple". He was so right! This tea from Mengahi Tea Factory is also ~Certified Organic~ which puts another star on it's credit! Tea is untouched from bug. Usually they are only interested in paper since is made of rice.

So lets brake it:
Tuo smells as it should: Living Tea! Nice dry basement, mixed with nuts and even some red vine~like far distant feeling. Obviously for 16 years tea was aging with no hurry. 

Its very easy to brake it. It almost falling apart but I don't mind this because leaves stay in their nice natural shape.. unbroken they will bring more sweetness and they will look more beautiful.


I want to give this tea full attention. Its strong. Its deep, sweet and long lasting with bitter tale. Each brew brings new tones, mostly impression of bitter woods and fresh green grapes, including seeds. After 3th brew bitterness vanishing a bit and new scale of tastes is opening.. fruitiness, flowers. Yes, this tea is old enough to be drunk now! there is bitterness but very pleasant one..  I enjoy every very sip!
Morning Sun penetrates deep orange red tea

It will be amazing to see it in 5, 10, another 16 years.. when I think of that time, 16 years ago was, at least for me, very different world.. No I phones, no money, no worries.. Ahh.. School! I didn't like that part.. (at 2000 I was 12 ) and absolutely no one had ever heard about Puerh. (in my surroundings) also for Puerh and tea in general it changed a lot..  a lot more production which as you probably know brings also a lot of devastation on many scales.. Nice is that so many people has access to nice tea and can be touch by this powerful plant..

Reflection of mango tree on our garden

I wish tea consumers are responsible, that they care about purity of their cup more than about its look or price.
But how do we know in such a business world? how do I know this is Organic tea? 
My way is to use the tool which is always available. My own body. I personally trust and value more the feeling that tea bring, than the taste.. (of course bad taste and good feeling tea would be hard to find)
Body always says the truth.. If the tea suits to my body, its worth the price..

To this tea I dedicated my time fully. It was no boring for a moment and I know this tea is good deal that can bring enjoyment and good health for many many years.

That is the reason why there is few more on the way to my door ;)

Thanks for reading,  Viktor


Sunday, August 7, 2016


Tea is important part of my everyday life since around year 2007,but I have been drinking tea since 2003. I don't count the the cheap paper bag black tea with a lot of sugar and lemon that was ''hit'' of my childhood times.

   In Prague, city of my study I was working as a waitress in several Teahouses.. that time I didn't know that its so rare to find so many of them in such a small city.. actually I never visited any city (including many Asian ones) with so many great teahouses of so many styles.. Some fusion, offering everything you imagine, some very traditional, sometimes run by Asian owners. Or even school of Japanese tea ceremony!

 I don't have idea why tea became so famous there. I don't think it has anything to do with  the Russian "period" in Czechoslovakia because the traditional way of ''samovar'' drinking tea its one of the rarest to see..  And the  real tea culture started to flourish after revolution in 89'.

  Anyway I'm very happy for this fact. It changed my life. Without discovering tea I would be certainly different person and I don't mean this in spiritual way but also metaphysically. I would not made travels that I did. I would not met the people who became my best friends, I would not get all new ideas about different way of living and I would probably not move to Taiwan, where I live now with dog's Dodo and Yoyo on picture bellow.

My beloved Island, beautiful land where people love to smile and lough and enjoy live with their pure and child spirit. Tea is deeply rooted in their tradition sometimes in their hearts. I feel graceful to all people I met on my way from Prague to Taipei, that inspired and keep inspiring me everyday on my way!

thanks for reading :) 

Saturday, August 6, 2016


This is Blog about "Light of Tea". Something so immeasurable and yet so familiar for tea drinkers all around the world. It can be described as cha~chi, ''tea boost'' or ''kick ass''... it all describes the fact that tea is more than dry leaves. It can be seen as medicine, valuable gift from Mother Earth for us, telling us story of awareness, purity and importance of quiet moments in live. 

 The purpose of this blog is to share this message in the honest and peaceful way.


It will also be a journey to the ''tea world'' as well as window to my personal approach and understanding the way of tea.

             I wish it can be inspiring for those who appreciate tea in their live as an extraordinary gift.

And for all others ;)