Sunday, August 7, 2016


Tea is important part of my everyday life since around year 2007,but I have been drinking tea since 2003. I don't count the the cheap paper bag black tea with a lot of sugar and lemon that was ''hit'' of my childhood times.

   In Prague, city of my study I was working as a waitress in several Teahouses.. that time I didn't know that its so rare to find so many of them in such a small city.. actually I never visited any city (including many Asian ones) with so many great teahouses of so many styles.. Some fusion, offering everything you imagine, some very traditional, sometimes run by Asian owners. Or even school of Japanese tea ceremony!

 I don't have idea why tea became so famous there. I don't think it has anything to do with  the Russian "period" in Czechoslovakia because the traditional way of ''samovar'' drinking tea its one of the rarest to see..  And the  real tea culture started to flourish after revolution in 89'.

  Anyway I'm very happy for this fact. It changed my life. Without discovering tea I would be certainly different person and I don't mean this in spiritual way but also metaphysically. I would not made travels that I did. I would not met the people who became my best friends, I would not get all new ideas about different way of living and I would probably not move to Taiwan, where I live now with dog's Dodo and Yoyo on picture bellow.

My beloved Island, beautiful land where people love to smile and lough and enjoy live with their pure and child spirit. Tea is deeply rooted in their tradition sometimes in their hearts. I feel graceful to all people I met on my way from Prague to Taipei, that inspired and keep inspiring me everyday on my way!

thanks for reading :) 

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